Tuesday, August 2, 2011

on fielding a revolutionary offensive

The primary goal is to assemble a power base void of centralized leadership. This is not to say that there won't be leadership roles and leaders who push the agenda forward. The fundamental nature and structure of such community bodies should always reflect the basic mantra "one person can't stop the flow". This is for several reason only two of which i will explore in this communique. First and foremost recent activities within the so-called "movement", on the part of repressive agencies such as FBI and local law enforcement, have illustrated to us the danger of having identifiable leadership. We've seen fist fights lives threatened and guns drawn. All of these dysfunctional a-political acts have contributed to creating an environment in which we are all vulnerable to COINTELPRO neutralization. The confusion is what agents of repression thrive on. If we continue at this rate true revolutionary spirits will find themselves in cages or coffins. This is not only a serious threat to our success as a class engaged in class struggle but a threat to the very lives of those who engage in this struggle. The second phenomena I want to address is this celebrity-ism. There are elements within our struggle who seek to create and manipulate political celebrities. Family members who've lost lives to police violence are routinely targeted by organizations and individuals with opportunistic agendas seeking to feed their egos with fame and underhanded hate speak. Family members of historical political leaders and revolutionaries are targeted as well albeit to a lesser degree. Through theses individuals war is waged on our efforts. The puppet master is often underestimated or down right invisible to the naked eye. Confronting these forces has proved disastrous as well. This fire that's burning in our house must be suffocated. We must not fan the flames or allow it the air it needs to continue. There is a lot of personal beef and hearsay going on in the bay area concerning those involved in this struggle it must end in the most expedient fashion. The legitimacy of an organization should be based on the work they do in a specific place rather than being based one what "celebrity" is in a particular organization. Malcolm X as well as the Republic of New Afrika have outlined for us that any revolution that takes place must be based on and grounded in first and foremost the land which a particular people occupy. We most form collectives and community bodies based on the neighborhoods that we occupy rather than being based on a city or territory defined by the colonial regime. One of my teachers once taught me that to prevail in the game of chess i had to shift my focus from moving and taking the pieces to a broader perspective of controlling the squares on the board. If every piece holds down their square or their field of squares than victory becomes that much more attainable. It's time for us to hold down our squares and stop focusing so much on high profile pieces.

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