Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fela Anikulapo Kuti -- keeping us together

Fela came up in conversation recently. I've added links for you to listen to over time; you can find more on youtube.

I grew up with Fela on the mind-even when army men would point guns and humiliate us, they could not beat Fela out of us. Fela was in contact with revolutionaries in the US, some of whom were Panthers, and was also performing in the '60s. (Fela Kuti on Colonial mentality)

Fela sings some songs in pidgeon english. I've added translation for some words to get the full effect.

'wayo' - he who plays around too much/he who's a shady character/cunning
'nyash' - ass
'quench' - squash
'wan' - want
'dey' - is
'no be' - it is not
'wetin' - what is that?

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