Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"When Whiteness Attacks," a Sister Blog from Out of Town, to Crash on Couch

About a year ago (2008), when I was first getting back into the blogging thing, I started a blog called "When Whiteness Attacks," a sort of "reality blog" about the real-life moments in which "white [i.e., nonblack] speech" manifests its primal desires (accumulation and murder) in relation to black bodies and spaces. I only squeezed out a couple of posts before reality crashed in. Maybe it was the recession and not being able to find a job. Anyway, I have since decided to let that blog crash on the couch of this blog until it gets on its feet. So I invite you to go to the bottom of this page, click on "Older Posts," and check out those couple of posts.

One post is a brief note of praise for the movie Manderlay, which we will, I hope, get to talk about. Consider this a preview.

The other post is a close reading of the bodily codes of reporters in a news segment from Charlotte, North Carolina. The news segment is embedded in the blog, thanks to youtube, so you can watch for yourself.

As always, comments/critiques/discussion/recommended readings greatly encouraged!


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